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Taken <3

I'm not a snob. I will follow back if I love your blog.
All the photos you see on here inspire me.

The walking Dead, 500 Days of Summer
Sugar Skulls,Tattoos,Pretty dresses,models, modelling,eye make up,Ear Stretchers,Plugs,Leggings, Breaking Bad,Skins UK,LA Ink,Pokemon, Concerts,Alexander McQueen,Crosses,Glitter,Lace,
Hung, Cathedrals,Make up,long hair,Eye shadow,Fish, False lashes,Bows,Studs,Great photography,leather,Studs,
joseph gordon-levitt, FASHION!,Crazy out there fashion,Fight Club, America History X,The mist,Creative,Candy Floss,Ribbon,Lollies,
Model:Charlotte Free, Beautiful hair,Cooking,Baking,Fairy lights,Skins UK,Cats,kittens,cute animals,Colourful Hair,Bright colours,fancy text,Rilakkuma,Law and Order SVU,Hardcore,Pearls,Pearl bracelets,Online shopping,Nature,Landscapes,
My Boyfriend Sean, Creative food,
shih tzu dogs,Maltese dogs,Day of the Dead art,Domo,Edward Norton,High waited shirts,Buttons,Cake,Cup cakes,Dressing up,Family,crosses,Biology ,Thomas Jane,Photo Editing,Space,Shoes,Vans on boys,Ankle boots,Vintage,Galaxy clothes, Galaxy, The human body,Gore,Horror,Pandas,Stars,
Lace, UNIF,BM,
Vintage clothes, The clouds, Vintage shoes,Forests,lights,Kat Von D,Anything cute and
so much more..

I DO NOT own any the photos unless stated.No copyright intended. Any problems please send me an email or message and I will delete the photo or give credit.


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